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Research is something good teachers do every day. They test a teaching method on their students, assess its effectiveness, and adjust.

It’s the “act of teaching” in its purest form. Taking feedback from every nuance of a students’ reactions, and sharpening one’s teaching method and style until it is most effective for those particular students on that particular day for that particular subject.

But how does one share that?

On any given day, in any given classroom, a good teacher coalesces so many variables (curriculum being only one small part in the successful delivery of content) with years of experience and an intuitive instinctual communication feedback loop. How does one simply “pass that along” to another teacher in an effective manner?

Clearly “lesson plans” are a very small part of the puzzle. Theory, by definition, cannot be implemented. Communicating strategy is much more difficult.

Sharing personal practice has been the holy grail of much of education. The entire subject of “Professional Learning Communities” seems to be dedicated to simply getting to the point where teachers start sharing.

“Teacher Research” or “Action Research” provide a methodology for practitioners to share their personal practice. The Education Study Group has refined this research method, increasing reliability and validity, and providing real-world feedback on educational products, services, methodologies and ideas.

Communicating the context as well as the process, in a data-driven way.

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